UK Spouse Visa

Uk Spouse Visa

What is a spouse visa?

UK Spouse Visa: A spouse visa, also known as a UK marriage visa, requires UK citizens’ marital spouses to immigrate to the United Kingdom when they are married to someone who is ‘settled in the United Kingdom’ – i.e. a person who is normally resident in the United Kingdom and has no immigration limitations on how long they will live in the United Kingdom.

May I work on a visa with a spouse?

Yeah, after the visa has been issued, you are free to work or study in the UK.

Spouse visa requirements

  • You must meet the following conditions to apply for a UK spousal / marriage visa:
  • You and your partner must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You would have met to be lawfully married to each other – which is to discourage arranged marriages.
  • You must have the goal of staying permanently together.
  • Without demanding public benefits, you must have enough money to support yourself (and any dependents).
  • To be eligible to sponsor you, your sponsorship partner must make more than £ 18,600 a year or have enough savings. If they are still sponsoring dependent kids, the minimum financial criterion is larger.
  • For you, your partner and any dependants, you must have adequate accommodation.
  • You must meet the specifications of the English language.

You may apply from abroad or from within the UK for a spousal visa.
You will be required to move to a spousal visa if you are already in the UK on a fiance, job visa, or student visa valid for longer than six months.

For a spousal visa submission, the estimated processing period is 2-12 weeks from the day we send the application to the UKBA. Depending on the country where the submission is made, approval times differ.

A spousal visa is initially issued for 33 months if the application is made from abroad. A spousal visa is issued for a term of 30 months if you apply from inside the UK.

For an extra 30 months, you can apply for an extension that can take up to five years for your cumulative time in the UK on this visa. At this point, if you are still married and living with your spouse in the UK, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Stay (ILR) and continue to follow the maintenance requirements.

You would need to prove that there is sufficient housing for yourself, your wife and any dependents in order to meet the criteria of the Immigration Laws for a Spouse Visa. Our barristers will arrange to assist your property with a trained surveyor with professional experience and expertise to review and generate a detailed report that can be submitted to support your claim.


To discuss your UK Spouse visa application with one of our immigration barristers, contact our Spouse visa team on 1800 889 6603 or complete our enquiry form.

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