Travel Assistance

Hassle Free Travel to your Dream Destination

Auscanz Educational is the perfect bet for you for all those who want to explore or settle in their dream locations. When you relax, Auscanz Educational takes care of all your vacation bookings, hotel reservations and air ticketing requirements. For most discounted air fares with many frill benefits such as Priority Seat Confirmation, Option of Meals or advice on secure carriage of air luggage, Auscanz Educational Group’s Tours & Travels Division depend on us. Get the best holiday deals with competitive rates for staying in exotic and luxurious hotels.

In the air travel industry, Auscanz Educational is one of the leading service providers. Not only do we keep up-to-date with the air travel market, we also periodically analyze the changes in the air. That allows us to have the best in-house facility to assist and direct our customers with their plan of movement. We immediately notify and advise our customers who are either waiting for their landing papers or those who have obtained their visas and are planning to travel to their destination for immigration.

Air Ticketing
Auscanz Educational has direct ties to major airline GSAs, allowing us to provide the most current and accurate update. We offer the most affordable one-way air fare and return air tickets available on the market. In addition, for any extra charges, all of you have some additional perks, such as priority check-in, window seat, food of your choosing and instructions for the healthy carriage of your air baggage; and any other special requirements that our customers might have.

Travel Assistance and Health Insurance

We also have partnerships with reputed insurance providers, which allows us to help the consumer get good rates for travel & health insurance.

Auscanz Educational also provides its customers with Forex services through our registered Forex dealers. We give the highest deals for VPF DD, Arbitration Fund, Creditor Class deposit and International University Tuition Fee, based on the requirements.

Customers who receive their landing papers can give us their Performa (advise) air booking by email and we will ensure that air tickets are booked at low cost on the preferred airline.

For more information on the new air fare and seat availability. Just send an email at, contact number: 1800 889 6603

We have thousands of loyal customers who for the past 18 years have been loving our experienced offerings in this sector and are a testament to our expertise. You are welcome to focus on us to ensure hassle-free air travel.