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Australia Study Visa: In culture, environment, geography, population, and history, Australia is a distinctive and diverse country. Australia’s population is about 23.6 million people, according to December 2014. New South Wales and Victoria are the most populous states in Australia, along with their respective capitals, Sydney and Melbourne, which are Australia’s largest cities. Throughout the year, the northern states of Australia are mild, but the southern states endure cold winters. 

Australia is the sixth-largest nation in the world (7,682,300 sq km) and it is a continent as well.
Australia has a well-developed system of education and has the highest levels of participation in the world. A number of foreign students from colleges or universities in Australia pass out every year. Australians enjoy a high standard of living that is among the best in the world. A clean environment is a main feature of Australia; decent health care, better education, and lifestyle make it an enticing place to stay. The method of voting for women was introduced by Australia. Australia’s form of government follows the models of democracy in Britain and North America, but it also has special Australian features

Australia Study Visa

Fees Structure for Student 

Australia’s tuition fees range from AUD $6000 to AUD $14000 each semester, depending entirely on the course or level of study. The Student Visa consists of eight sub-classes from subclass 570-576 before this, however now there is just one student visa class that is Subclass 500 depending on the key course of the student’s education field.

Work Rights For Student

The student can work for a maximum of 40 hours every 14 days while the course is in session, but during the holidays they can work for unlimited hours. Those who study master’s degrees by studies or Ph. D degrees and are foreign students can work for unlimited hours.

Student Visa requirements For Australia

The Government of Australia offers all Indian students a chance to study in their country, but you will have to obtain a student visa as a precondition. Some variables, such as your age, the type of study or course, and how long you want to stay in Australia, will depend on the visa. As a foreign student, you will most usually need a student (subclass 500) visa.
Since July 1, 2016, the student visa (Subclass 500 Coming) has been in place, which allows the student to remain in Australia for the duration of their study program or course, mostly up to five years. It is important for the student to ensure that the visa remains valid and that the conditions as stated on the student visa are met. Students can read up in detail about this kind of visa on the website of the Department of Home Affairs (Government of Australia).

Required documents for an Australian student visa

In general, you will need the following documents when applying for a student visa to Australia:
⦁ Proof of enrollment (your electronic confirmation of enrolment)
⦁ A current passport, with both the new and old passport pages (if any)
⦁ Application fee for visas
⦁ Your records in the Financial ( 3 months old)
⦁ Records of experience, both academic and work,
⦁ TRF of your proficiency skills in English (IELTS/PTE)
⦁ Bank Statement and Bank Telephone Number (where funds are held)
⦁ Purpose Statement ( SOP)
⦁ 4 Passport-sized, white background images that should be in JPEG format.
⦁ E- Medical, generally referred to as HAP ID
⦁ Returns & PAN CARD Income Tax
⦁ Letter of Work Experience (Photocopy) if any
⦁ Stamp Documents, i.e. 25/-for Self, 25/-for Parents and 20/-for any additional sponsor

Those who have completed a Bachelors’ or Masters’ degree in Australia will be eligible for a two-year post-study work visa to apply and stay. Students who have completed a Master’s degree in science or a doctoral degree in Australia will be able to apply for a three or four year post-study work visa.

The majority of the students will be able to apply for a [subclass 485] Temporary Professional Graduate visa that grants a temporary visa and enables them to work for 18 months in Australia. If the length of the student’s course is 12 months or longer, a student’s spouse and kids will remain in Australia.


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