Application Processing

Application Processing Support for Immigrant Visa Submission

  • Check your eligibility for free immigration from Canada
  • Determine your type of immigration for free depending on your qualifications.

Your submission process would be supported by Auscanz Educationals. When you have our services retained, we will:

  • Prepare, perfect and file a submission
  • Communicate with the Center for Immigrant Permits
  • We’ll Prepare you for your individual interviews wherever applicable  
  • Manage all communications with the Sorting Centre before the issuance of the visa

Address and provide answers to your problems

  • Processing times for Immigration Program
  • Phase for Immigration
  • Proving experience at work
  • Proving English Language Proficiency

Helping and helping you with any visa problems

  • Inadmissibility in Medicine
  • Felony Inadmissibility
  • Request Rejection
  • The Lengthy Waits

To answer your questions about immigration and the Application Processing, experts at Auscanz Educationals are always available.

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